Our team created a new brand of pre-made alcoholic beverages, providing branding, illustration, UX/UI design, 3D motion rendering, product design, and Webflow development. The result is a distinctive and engaging brand with a strong digital presence.

What we did

Our team worked on the creation of a new brand of pre-made alcoholic beverages. This comprehensive project allowed us to showcase our diverse range of skills and services, culminating in a unique and engaging brand.

To bring this brand to life, we provided a variety of services. Our branding efforts included the creation of a distinctive logo, eye-catching labels, and innovative packaging designs. We also developed a comprehensive brand book to ensure consistent and cohesive brand identity across all platforms.

Our illustrators crafted a custom label pattern that added a unique and artistic touch to the product’s visual appeal. In terms of digital presence, we designed the UX/UI for a captivating landing page and its responsive version, ensuring a seamless user experience on all devices.

We took the visual presentation a step further by creating a 3D motion render of the can, providing a dynamic and realistic view of the product. Our product design efforts ensured that the beverage was not only visually appealing but also functional and market-ready.

Finally, we developed the brand’s online presence using Webflow, ensuring a smooth and efficient development process that resulted in a highly functional and visually appealing website.

The end result is a fully realized brand that stands out in the competitive market of pre-made alcoholic beverages, combining visual appeal, user-friendly design, and a strong digital presence.

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