In October 2019, we helped create the brand identity and logo for Made in South, a panuozzeria aiming to introduce the traditional Italian panuozzo to Melbourne. Our design captured the essence of Italian authenticity and modern appeal, aiding Made in South in establishing a strong presence in the local market.

What we did

We had the pleasure of participating in the creation of the brand identity for Made in South, a “panuozzeria” with the ambitious goal of bringing a typical Italian product, the panuozzo, to Melbourne. Our collaboration began in October 2019, and we were tasked with delivering both the brand design and logo design.

Our first step was to understand the essence and vision of Made in South. This involved in-depth discussions with the team to capture their passion for authentic Italian cuisine and their desire to introduce the unique panuozzo to the Australian market. With this understanding, we embarked on creating a brand identity that would resonate with both Italian expats and locals seeking a genuine taste of Italy.

The brand design process focused on highlighting the traditional roots of the panuozzo while also giving it a modern twist to appeal to the Melbourne food scene. We crafted a logo that encapsulated the warmth and authenticity of Italian culture, featuring elements that evoked the rustic charm of Southern Italy.

The final brand identity and logo design successfully reflected the mission of Made in South, helping them to establish a strong and appealing presence in Melbourne. We are proud to have contributed to their journey of bringing a beloved Italian specialty to a new audience.

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