Futura Holding

We collaborated with a holding company to create a brand that conveys stability and dynamism. Using the FUTURA font, we developed a design that perfectly reflects their identity and communicates the message: the future is now, stable but dynamic.

What we did

Collaborating with a holding company means envisioning something impactful that exudes stability. When we started working on this project, we immediately recognized the importance of conveying these qualities through every design aspect.

The choice of the FUTURA font was almost inevitable, seeming like a sign of destiny. This font features sharp corners, which in the psychology of forms represent stability, but it also has soft, rounded curves, symbolizing dynamism. This contrast allowed us to best convey our message: the future is now, stable but dynamic.

Throughout the design process, we focused on integrating these characteristics into the holding company’s brand. Every design element was carefully crafted to evoke a sense of reliability and progress. From color choices to graphic composition, every detail was designed to reflect the holding company’s identity.

The final result was a brand that perfectly embodies the duality of stability and dynamism. We are proud to have contributed to creating a visual identity that not only represents the essence of the holding company but also effectively communicates their core message: the future is now.

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